Eligible Projects

Eligible projects include any building structure, facility, equipment, machinery, technology, utility, improvement, site, equipment, and furnishings to be used for or in connection with the conduct or operation of an educational institution, including but not limited to, classrooms and other institutional facilities, laboratories, research facilities, libraries, study facilities, administrative and office facilities, museums, gymnasiums, campus walks, drives and site improvements, dormitories and other suitable living quarters or accommodations, dining halls and other food service and preparation facilities, student service or activity facilities, physical education, athletic and recreational facilities, theaters, auditoriums, assembly and exhibition halls, greenhouses, agricultural buildings and facilities, parking, storage and maintenance facilities, infirmary, hospital, medical and health facilities, continuing education facilities, communications, fire prevention, and fire fighting facilities, and any one, or a combination of the foregoing, whether or not comprising part of one building, structure or facility. Section 3377.01(B) of the Revised Code provides that facilities used exclusively for devotional activities are not eligible projects.

Prior to the sale of any bonds for a project, the Commission must determine that the project will contribute to the objectives stated in Section 3377.02 of the Revised Code, and that the educational institution admits students without discrimination by reason of race, color, creed, or national origin.

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