Eligible Institutions

The Ohio Higher Educational Facility Commission (OHEFC) may assist those educational institutions that are organized as not-for-profit institutions and hold an effective certificate of authorization issued under Section 1713.02 of the Revised Code. Specifically, these are private colleges, universities and other institutions offering instruction in recognized academic and professional fields of study and awarding degrees fulfilling requirements involving the equivalent of at least four semester hours or six quarters of academic work beyond high school, and which, pursuant to standards prescribed by the Ohio Department of Higher EducationĀ under Section 1713.03 of the Revised Code and in the Ohio Department of Higher Educations' Rule 3333-1-08, have been issued an effective certificate of authorization by the Ohio Department of Higher EducationĀ for the award of one or more types of degrees.

Institutions that are not eligible for financing through the Commission are public and/or proprietary colleges, universities, and institutions created under Chapter 33 of the Revised Code, or any institution whose principal educational activity is preparing students for or granting degrees, diplomas, and other marks of proficiency which have value only in religious and ecclesiastical fields.

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