Relationship of the Ohio Department of Higher Education (DHE) and the Commission

Even though the Commission is a state agency with general administrative powers, the Commission has not found it necessary to hire a staff and establish a permanent office. Rather, the Commission has chosen to rely on Bond Counsel and the services of the OHEFC Administrator, who is employed by the Ohio Department of Higher Education.

The Ohio  Department of Higher Education provides three services to the Commission:

  • Accounting and Recordkeeping - Commission files are maintained in the Ohio Department of Higher Education offices. Accounting records are kept for revenue and expenditures of the Commission.
  • Meeting and Project Coordination - As mentioned above in the general procedures section, all project applications are sent to the DHE offices. Coordination between the institution, Bond Counsel, and the Commission Members is handled by the DHE staff.
  • Analyses - From time to time the DHE staff has provided financial and/or programmatic analyses of specific projects being considered by the Commission.

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